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babies & Bellies

Maternity: Mamas, you are SO beautiful, even if you don't feel like it, and you should totally celebrate that miraculous belly! I'll help you choose a dress that you feel beautiful in, and walk you through posing (girl it's alllll about the angles!) so you LOVE how you look in your photos! Bellies photograph best around 30-34 weeks, so don't wait to book your session!

Newborns: Tiny babies are so perfect just as they are, without a ton of props or poses. I love photographing newborns in natural poses reminiscent of how they were just days earlier in the womb, or being snuggled by their new family in bed. Intimate, natural, simple.  Whether you'd prefer a more relaxed + intimate lifestyle approach in your home, or a simple studio session to show off your sweet baby's chub, you'll want to document this phase that is gone in a blink! 

For you sweet new, sleep deprived mamas, don't worry... sit back, have a snack and a coffee and just relax. I'll take care of the rest! Sessions are less than 2 hours, and are all about making your sweet babe sleepy + comfortable! As an occupational therapist with experience in the NICU, I am great at keeping baby safe and happy!
Babies are easiest to photograph between 6-14 days, and I prefer to book sessions before you hit your third trimester! Of course, little one's come on their own time, so we pencil in your due date and then adjust as needed!


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