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Planning perfect outfits that coordinate but aren't too matchy, getting everyone out the door in those perfect outfits on time, AND getting genuine smiles from the whole fam? Sounds impossible + I totally know why so many people put off taking family photos for years! But y''s important, and I'll do my best to make it way less stressful, and maybe even a little more fun than you thought it would be. 
I'll walk you through each step, from choosing outfits (I provide an awesome style guide, you get access to my Style + Select membership, AND I've got a client closet you can shop!) to a quick + relaxed session, to choosing beautiful art for your home...I've got you covered, Mama!
I'll bet even your husband will have more fun than he expects to, and be surprised by how quick and relaxed our time together is. Yes, we'll get the "everyone looking & smiling" shot for Grandma, but we will mostly be snuggling, tickling, and playing! No stiff posing, no "say cheese" or forcing kids to behave!

"Jessica provided suggestions + ideas for posing, but kept the session natural, spontaneous + full of movement. We are so glad that our photos look + feel like us, rather than like posed portraits."
Shelly M. 


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