Wilson Family | Spring Blossoms

Would you believe that everything about this session came together in the matter of a few days? Claire and I were hanging out in our cul-de-sac watching our crazy kids last weekend, and she mentioned that she had been meaning to schedule family photos! Of course, I immediately got excited because her kids are SO sweet and full of personality (and stinkin’ adorable, too!), and I knew we would have the most fun!

I was coming home from a rare solo Target trip the next day when I caught a glimpse of the most gorgeous white trees from the interstate. You better believe I exited like a race car driver in my Volvo, and used my photographer sixth sense to find them. When I pulled up to a field lined with three gigantic trees in full bloom,  I literally sat in my car with my mouth open, feeling like I just hit the jackpot! Ya’ll, the way the soft, golden rays filter through the blossoms & create the most beautiful glow is totally the photographer version of winning the Powerball!

Thankfully, Claire was onboard with a last minute location change, and we started finalizing outfits! This is often the most stressful part of getting ready for a portrait session, but with my awesome Style Guide & membership to Style & Select putting together outfits that coordinate but aren’t too matchy is so easy! Claire had chosen a beautiful dress, but mentioned she wished she had a pink chiffon skirt to complement the dreamy blossoms.  Thankfully, I have one in my Client Closet & popped over to let her try it on. On a whim, I also brought a pink tulle skirt that was my very first purchase for my  collection.  It took two years of waiting for just the right person to wear it! (Claire’s IG handle is “pinkclairebear” and the woman wears dresses to bike ride around the neighborhood…so clearly it was made for her!)

It ended up being absolutely perfect for their session, and their canvases will look so gorgeous in their light & airy home. It’s so important to consider your home decor when choosing a location & wardrobe for your portraits. That way, your printed artwork will blend in seamlessly!

I absolutely loved working with this precious family- Sam Harris kept me giggling, and the photo of Charlotte & her mama under the tree just makes me swoon. Also, can you believe SY & Claire hadn’t had a professional photo of them taken since their wedding 7 years ago? Even though most sessions usually focus on the family & kids, I love pulling Mom & Dad away for a second.  Most parents rarely have photos of just the two of them, but it’s so important! I can’t wait to see their gorgeous artwork up on their walls! PS. How sweet are those high fives after a fun session?

April 2, 2019



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